Valcourt Building Services

“I have been extremely happy with cors and their delivery of quality candidates.  The research team does a great job pre-
qualifying the candidates to ensure interest from the client.

"I especially like the professionalism that goes into the entire process from start to finish.   The initial consultation is the key to
a successful project.    They follow up and keep the client posted through the entire process.  Adjustments are welcomed along
the way.  I have always had great results and  positive feedback .  Most of all they treat you like you are the one and only
project they are working on.  Cors  will even help you stay in contact with the potential candidates if they see lack of interest. 
The Cors Project Management Team does a wonderfull job selling the available positions.  Cors’ project team has always been
extremely conscientious throughout the entire process.  They have a passion for placing the right people in the right positions.

"Most importantly Cors supplies you with a detailed binder with  all the research results.  I visit this from time to time.  I will end
up touching base with some people who were originally not interested but then showed extreme interest after situations may
have changed.

"I would highly recommend cors and have done so in the past!"

V.P. of Operation
Valcourt Building Services

Client Testimonials

A sampling of what our clients say about their experience using cors' services.  (List is by client name.)