National Starch & Chemical

“Your research information has assisted our organization immensely for the position of internal auditor.  While we have not
hired anyone as a result of cors efforts, the cors search proved valuable to us in another way.

"The report brought several factors regarding candidate resistance to our attention.  As a result, we have made a number of
internal changes.  First, we changed the title of the job as suggested by the cors report.  All personnel within the Department
will also have their titles changed.  Second, we have changed the name of our Internal Audit Department and third, there has
been a change in the type of background in the candidates we will screen.  Our parameters are more flexible and we hope our
recruiting efforts will now be more effective.

"So although this particular search did not yield a hire, your efforts have assisted our organization in another way.  cors has
proven that it does more than just fill personnel requisitions and the suggestions of your staff are taken very seriously.”

Recruitment Coordinator
National Starch and Chemical Company

Client Testimonials

A sampling of what our clients say about their experience using cors' services.  (List is by client name.)