SRA International, Inc.

"SRA used CORS services on numerous occasions to find candidates for our difficult skill sets…business developers, pricing
candidates, recruiters and software engineers.  The quality of the candidates met our criteria.

The cors Project Manager was always following up providing status on the search.  The unique aspect was the cors Report I
received at the end of the search.  It contained the name, contact information and a brief write-up about each and every
candidate and is great for future networking.

We identified about seven companies we wanted CORS to target and identify potential candidates for our openings.  This
method served two purposes; a third party was contacting candidates from competitors and our recruiters were freed up to
focus on filling awarded requirements.

I would recommend CORS, especially in today's environment.  They have the bandwidth to accomplish tasks my recruiters can't. 
I hope to use them again in my new position of Director of Recruiting for ManTech IS&T, as we look forward to winning some
large engagements in early spring."

Former Director of Recruiting
SRA International, Inc.

Client Testimonials

A sampling of what our clients say about their experience using cors' services.  (List is by client name.)