Concert Group Logistics (CGL)

“I highly recommend cors services.  The qualified candidates presented matched up well with the client specifications that we
mutually developed with cors.  We received three hires out of the six projects that we worked on.  We also have a database of
upwards of 200 "qualified" candidates that we can continue to reach out to for future needs.  The ultimate goal is to receive
five viable candidates, but we also found value in receiving a comprehensive report of qualified candidates as well as valuable
feedback as to how our company is perceived in the marketplace.

The Project Manager worked very closely with our station owners on each project and was very diligent in trying to make sure
that they were going after the right candidates.  Daily communication was helpful as we found that tweaking the specifications
at times translated into better results.”

Vice President of Sales
Concert Logistics Group (CGL)

Client Testimonials

A sampling of what our clients say about their experience using cors' services.  (List is by client name.)