Research Based Solutions

cors provides both first person human intelligence and secondary research solutions. Our focus supports Talent and Strategy platforms of
the business.  100% of our research supporting talent involving candidate development, (sourcing, Polling, screening, verification) is done
first person. Through our project “team” approach, your recruitment professionals requiring quick access to qualified accurate passive
talent prospects can build either a narrow or broad based scope of work. The work product (available daily) builds your team a qualified,
verified talent pool screened and benchmarked by data points you select at the time of scoping.  Have YOUR questions answered by
every qualified prospect like “Are you interested in a career change?” Would you consider a change in the future? When?” “Would you
have an interest in speaking with us about an opportunity”?   “Would you relocate? Where”?  How does this program benefit you;

• Only individuals qualified and verified to your requirements are included in this work product
• You choose who you want to target and from where
• You choose the data points you want selected and benchmarked
• You may “bank" qualified contact credits to use on multiple positions over an extended time period
• Your price is reduced substantially when you bank as little as 200 qualified contacts