cors Focused Name Generation

Focused name generation (with some exceptions) is secondary research gathered through public domain and/or social networks.  The
information provided by these sources has a degree of inaccuracy, so all secondary research gathered for our focused name generation
programs is first person verified, assuring you an accuracy rate of 95%+- Our two featured service offerings in this category are;
Competitive Mapping and Vertical Talent Chain Database creation and re-generation. Our Competitive Mapping and Competitive Coded
Mapping come in either an inter-active map format, or a pdf/docx format. (sample) Choose any group in a company (Sales, Operations,
Nurses, Software Engineer, R&D) from any level (C, Sub-C, Leadership, Management) and map down to (Sub-C, Leadership,
Management, Individual Contributor).  We provide all profiles, reporting relationships, phone contact and email address.  All maps are
verified through first person research. Color coded maps identify an individual in the maps interest levels, relocatability and other options
from which you may select. How does this program benefit you;

• You can view an entire group(s) and their reporting relationship in any organization
• You can choose any industry to map in any country
• You can identify any weakness or strength in another company’s talent pool
• You can update maps economically every 6-12 months
• Excellent recruiters tool in vertical markets

Vertical Talent Chain Databases

Creating and maintaining a database through an applicant tracking platform is ineffective.  Depending on vertical industry you are in and
the job categories you hire, talent information degrades at a rate from 3.5 to 6 percent per month. cors database teams will build you a
fresh database on one position or a group of positions giving your recruiters the continuing benefit of contacting active and passive
candidates in your field.  We also provide updates at scheduled intervals.  These databases are created using secondary research
techniques, but are verified using both first person human intelligence and primary research. Our clients receive low cost high volume
recruitment results using this proprietary database program.  How does this benefit you;

• You can build a database as big or small as you like depending on your recruitment needs
• The database we create is proprietary to your company and your needs
• We can create the database in your current system or a number of social networks (LinkedIn etc.)
• We will update your proprietary database as you need (usually every 6-12months)
• Used effectively your average cost per hire is very low