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"We approached cors with a challenging set of requirements to staff a position that we were not able to find.  We required the
candidate to be fluent in three languages, have multiple unique certifications, a willingness to relocate, and flexibility on pay. 
After a short interview with the cors Industry Analyst, cors quickly went off to find us three candidates for our position.  Our
expectations were that they would not be able to find these candidates in an acceptable amount of time.  To our surprise, the
cors Industry Analyst came back to us within days with three viable candidates that met all of our criteria and after interviewing
them we quickly hired one of the candidates.

"We have been incredibly impressed with the speed, quality, and professionalism of cors.  Their work has saved us countless
hours and the value they bring is superior to any other firm that we have worked with.  Because of cors we have grown our
business faster and held onto business that we may have lost.  I would recommend cors to any company that has a recruiting

Systematech Services, Inc.

Client Testimonials

A sampling of what our clients say about their experience using cors' services.  (List is by client name.)