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Retail - Case Study No. 1

Case study on how cors, Inc provided recruiting support for leadership positions, including diversity
positions, for a large national consumer electronics and appliance retailer

Our client, one of the country’s largest electronics retailers required recruiting support for store
managers.  The client’s needs were a result of continued nationwide expansion in the marketplace. 
Although the client had an established recruiting structure, the volume of leadership openings were more
than the recruiting staff could effectively manage.  In addition, the client stated a need for hiring
diversity and female candidates to support a balanced leadership workforce.  Opportunities were located
in four major metropolitan areas, supported by twelve states.

cors, Inc was contracted by this national retailer to find qualified retail leadership professionals, including
qualified diversity and female candidates.  Specific retail targets were identified, and cors reached out
directly to passive candidates.  The targeted companies included retailers who operated in a similar size
environment with specific staff size and production requirements.  General Managers, District/Area
Managers and Regional VP’s were primary targets.  Desired qualifications included responsibility for at
least a single store with a minimum sales volume of $15M and a footprint of at least 50,000 square feet. 
A primary focus was placed on presenting qualified, interested diversity and female candidates.  Qualified
and interested candidates were reviewed and approved by the Hiring Manager and moved through the
client’s internal hiring process.

cors’ time-tested delivery model and process-centric approach enabled quick identification of target
companies.  From there, cors’ sourcing team immediately established a viable candidate pipeline,
including diversity and female candidates.  cors’ extensive research capabilities permitted multiple
geographic areas to be handled simultaneously, which decreased time-to-market and increased the client’s
vendor satisfaction.  The robust candidate flow enabled the Hiring Managers to select the best local talent
from a pool of experienced retail professionals.  In fact, the flow was so robust that the client re-
engineered several candidate-handling processes to effectively manage the pipeline.  This partnership with
cors enabled this national retailer to hire qualified, interested professionals while meeting corporate
objectives for employment of diversity leadership professionals.