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Financial Services and Insurance - Case Study No. 4

Case study on how cors, Inc provided targeted viable candidate flow for Small Business segment buildout
in a compressed timeframe for a large U.S. based banking thrift organization.

Our client, a large U.S. based thrift was seeking nationwide reentry into the rapidly expanding Small
Business sector.  The organization had to be built from the ground up, including leadership positions. 
Although the client had a solid branch network, branding, and product offerings, they were not
considered to be a player in the Small Business Banking market segment.  In order to grow the
organization rapidly and to bring on experienced professionals, the client needed to recruit professional
talent directly from competitors.  The client’s internal recruiting structure, while well established, was
not robust enough to simultaneously handle all geographic targets defined in the initiative.

cors, Inc was contracted to support a large region of the country for the client’s nationwide expansion. 
Positions supported included Regional Managers, Small Business Bankers, and Business Development
Officers.  cors sourced, qualified, polled, screened and second screened candidates per the client’s
requirements.  Stringent qualification and production requirements were specified for each job category. 
All candidates presented were currently working in the marketplace for competitors.  Candidates who
met all client requirements and had a stated interest in the client’s opportunity were presented directly
to the client’s recruiting team.  From there, candidates were routed through the client’s hiring
processes.  cors also constructed candidate profiles on the client’s web-based Applicant Tracking System
portal.  As part of this seamless solution, cors also processed candidates who were internal referrals or
who were active candidates from the client’s external website.

cors provided immediate candidate flow to support this client’s hiring needs.  All approved candidates met
stringent experience and production requirements and were move quickly through the clients hiring
process.  The additional recruiting bandwidth supplied by cors enabled the client’s recruiting team to
focus on multiple geographic targets simultaneously.  Because of cors’ sourcing model, the client had
near-real time access to the best working talent in the market place.  cors’ analysis of the client’s hiring
process and recommendations for improvement assisted the client with streamlining the defined steps for
potential hires.  As a result, the client was able to hire candidates quickly and establish a nationwide
presence for capitalizing on sector growth opportunities.