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Retail - Case Study No. 2

Case study on how cors, Inc provided recruiting support for a large pet supply retailer

Our client, a large national retailer of pets and pet supplies required recruiting support for experienced
retail management professionals.  Multiple openings were located in rural areas, which considerably
narrowed the pool of qualified talent.  Opportunities were a combination of backfill positions and new
positions created by expansion.  Because of the restricted candidate pool, the client’s internal recruiting
structure was experiencing difficulty finding qualified, interested candidates.

cors, Inc was contracted by the client to find qualified, interested retail management professionals in a
thirty-mile radius surrounding the store locations.  Store locations were in non-metropolitan areas such as
Yakima, WA, Joplin, MO, Texarkana, TX, Pueblo, CO, Bend, OR and Oxford, AL.  cors heavily researched
all possible retail targets in the area and reached out directly to passive retail management candidates. 
Qualified, interested candidates were routed directly to the respective District Manager for review and
approval.  Successful candidates were moved quickly through the hiring process.

Despite the narrowed talent pool of retail professionals, cors’ process-centric business model and detailed
research approach enabled the rapid establishment of a viable candidate pipeline.  cors’ extensive
research capabilities permitted precise candidate targeting, yielding immediate results.  The robust
candidate flow enabled the District Managers to select the best fit for their respective stores from a pool
of experienced professionals.  As a result of the engagement with cors, the District Managers were able to
support their customer service and profitability objectives by meeting existing and expansion leadership
staffing requirements.