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Manufacturing - Case Study No. 1

Case study on how cors, Inc provided recruiting support for a global medical technology firm.

Our client, a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and sale of leading edge medical
technologies required recruiting support for a large number of technical, administrative, engineering and
manufacturing positions at their corporate headquarters and nationwide manufacturing facilities. 
Positions requiring support included key executive-level openings such as Director of Materials
Management, Director of Quality Assurance, and Vice-President Global Supply chain as well as numerous
engineering opportunities in Research and Development, Mechanical, Failure Analysis, Component,
Software, and Manufacturing.  Because of the highly technical requirements of many of the open
positions, and the smaller metropolitan area of the client’s headquarters, the client’s recruiting staff was
experiencing difficulty finding local qualified and interested candidates who were in the client’s
compensation range.  All engineering positions required Bachelor’s degrees and some required advanced
degrees.  Many qualified candidates from larger engineering firms who possessed the correct
qualifications were above the client’s compensation offering.  Candidates from smaller firms often were
at the correct compensation level, but had an Associate’s degree or no formal degree at all.

cors, Inc partnered with the client to locate qualified, interested candidates for each of these openings. 
Specific targeted companies, as well as excluded companies, were identified.  The search for candidates
started locally but was expanded nationwide.  Once candidates were located from specific industry
targets, cors’ researchers verified candidate qualifications and interest, and checked compensation levels
to ensure the candidate matched up with the client’s salary range.  Those candidates who were
determined to be qualified and who had expressed and interest in the client’s opportunity were routed to
the client’s hiring manager(s).  Per the client’s specifications, relocation assistance was provided for
most positions and cors shared this component of the value proposition with potential candidates.

cors’ ability to quickly penetrate nationwide targets enabled the construction of a robust candidate
pipeline for this client.  Even though the specialized requirements of many of the client’s positions
reduced the available candidate pool, cors’ direct targeting of passive candidates provided the client with
access to viable talent.  Since the client’s main headquarters facilities were located in a smaller
metropolitan market, locating qualified professionals in other geographic areas was an absolute necessity. 
The client’s compensation range provided an additional challenge as qualified professionals from larger
companies were above the clients offering, while candidates from smaller companies lacked the formal
degree requirements.  To overcome this issue, cors’ worked with the client and adjusted the production
metrics for our scalable recruitment solutions.  As a result, cors sourced additional candidates in the
marketplace and located the hidden talent.  cors was to generate substantial qualified candidate flow to
support this client’s hiring needs for key open leadership, technological, manufacturing, and engineering