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Financial Services and Insurance - Case Study No. 1

Case study on how cors, Inc provided a recruiting solution for a national financial services and insurance

Our client, a large national financial protection and income management company specializing in
insurance, investment services, and retirement planning required recruiting support for a large scale
hiring initiative for experienced Financial Representatives.  Experienced professionals were needed in
sixteen metropolitan locations across the United States.  Staffing of these open positions was critical to
overall financial performance and business objectives of each of the respective areas.

cors, Inc partnered with the client to source experienced Financial Representatives in metropolitan areas
of thirteen U.S. states, including New York, California, Texas, Florida and Illinois.  For candidates to be
considered viable, they were required to have Life & Health and National Association of Securities Dealers
(NASD) licenses, meet production and commission performance metrics, and have a stated interest in the
client’s opportunity.  All candidates were working in the marketplace for Tier 1 and Tier 2 competitors. 
Qualified, interested candidates were immediately put in contact with the local hiring manager who
continued the dialogue with the candidate and scheduled interview(s).  cors’ sourcing model generated a
robust, viable candidate pipeline quickly.  Given the nature of the industry it was understood by both the
client and by cors that the actual candidate conversion process could take several months.  It was also
understood that referrals from sourced candidates for additional Financial Representatives would be part
of the value of partnering with cors.  cors sourcing and recruiting expertise provided each regional
location with a solid candidate pool from which to select the best-qualified and most productive talent.

cors ability to generate substantial candidate flow for experienced professionals is the core of our value
proposition.  For this initiative, cors was able to successfully generate qualified, interested Financial
Representative professionals in a short timeframe and present them directly to the client’s hiring
managers.  Seasoned professionals in this marketplace tend not to move from one company to another
quickly, as employer changes may affect the relationships they have built with their clients.  In addition,
many Financial Representatives perceive the nuances in value propositions between one Financial Services
company and the next to be negligible.  Having cors initiate the dialogue with the candidate and share
details about the client’s value proposition strengthened the candidate’s understanding of the opportunity
and helped to drive interest.  Through partnering with cors, our client was able to penetrate deep into
the competition and find those professionals ready for a change and who possessed the skills and
qualifications required by our client.  Local hiring managers were given a wide array of talent from which
to select the best fit(s) for their respective sales organizations.