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Engineering & Construction - Case Study No. 1

Case study on how cors, Inc provided recruiting support for a global engineering and construction firm.

One of the world’s largest engineering firms with more than 35,000 employees and global expertise in
engineering and construction, required recruiting support for numerous highly specialized and technical
engineering positions. Engineering disciplines supported included Material Management, Civil, Structural,
Design, Mechanical, Turbine Generators, Quality Control and Electrical Design.  All opportunities were
permanent, full-time and included executive level positions.  The nationwide search supported openings on
both the East and West Coasts.  Given the restrictive, specializes skillset requirements of the open
positions, the candidate pool was known to be limited.  The client’s internal recruiting resources had
exhausted established avenues for generating candidate flow with little success.  As a result, most
positions had been open for ninety days or longer, which had significantly impacted project deliverables
for several of the client’s key accounts.

cors, Inc was contracted by the client to conduct a nationwide search for candidates who met the client’s
stringent qualification criteria.  Candidates were sourced directly from specific industry targets and
geographic regions.  The cors’ research team verified each candidates experience and qualifications.  The
client’s value proposition, including relocation assistance was shared with candidates.  Those candidates
who matched the client’s specifications and had stated an interest in the client’s opportunity, were routed
to the client’s hiring managers.

cors’ ability to reach directly into specific nationwide targets was exactly what the client required to
generate candidate flow.  As many of the client’s positions had been vacant for an extended period of
time, cors’ ability to provide hiring managers with qualified, interested candidates provided immediate
staffing relief.  Despite the highly specialized and technical nature of the client’s openings, cors relentless
commitment to a consistent delivery process ensured the client quickly received candidates who met
requirements and were interested in the client’s opportunity.  As a result, the client was able to fill key
openings in support of business and client requirements.