A message from:

David Hoppe
President & Founder, cors, Inc.

If you want to build a dynamic employee culture, what would be the right process? Would you hire people with little or no experience, or would you try to talk with as many people who are selling what you sell, making what you make, and doing what you do as good or better than you are today?

Since the late 1950’s there has been a growing dearth of skilled people in the workforce. The number of skilled prospects to hire is finite, some estimate at 3 percent of the workforce, and this number continues to shrink in relative terms. You don’t have 3 percent of the population chasing the jobs. You have to chase them!

The recruitment process is very personal to most professionals. It’s really the hiring manager and how they view their opportunity, how it gets communicated to the candidate and the ensuing dialogue where the perception hopefully leads to that mutual comfort. How and where do you attract great talent to your opportunities? Are the very talented actively looking for a change or between opportunities, or are they employed right now, doing what you need done somewhere else? It could be any of these. Our business model comes down on the side of the latter. They’re working, not really looking and know nothing about your company or your opportunity. So your solution will more than likely be a direct result of your methodology.

The top 100 companies have the cache that attracts top talent. They have top recruitment talent, terrific compensation and benefits. How do excellent businesses with fewer resources attract the really good talent? What makes talented people ambivalent in their current position? New challenges, lifestyle change, convenience and mental wages are frequent reasons. It can also be about compensation, but it is never just about compensation. You need to have a culture that focuses on attracting talent. Great recruiters can engage real talent, and when necessary great recruiters will chase the great talent.

At cors we focus on you the businessperson who needs exceptional talent. Whether it’s one exceptional professional or one hundred of the highly qualified. We believe that all companies are not alike, all people are uniquely qualified for something, and our support for the recruitment process is all about you.